There are a number of fees and charges associated with residential aged care, some of which are determined or subsidised by the Federal Government based on the individual’s own personal financial situation.  The following provides a basic outline of possible costs (as at 1st April 2024).

The total fee paid to Roseneath is equal to:

Basic Daily Fee

Means Tested Care Fee

Accommodation Fees

Basic Daily Fee

This fee helps pay for the Resident’s day-to-day services such as meals, cleaning, facilities management and laundry.  Everyone is expected to pay a Basic Daily Fee to cover these services.

The Basic Daily Fee is set at 85% of the single person rate of the basic age pension.  The Federal Government sets the Fee on 20 March and 20 September each year, changing in line with increases to the age pension.  Prices are published on the Department of Health website, with a current maximum Basic Daily Fee of $61.96 per day, or $22,615.40 per year.

The Basic Daily Fee is payable on a fortnightly basis.  The fee applies for every day of residence in the Home, including days when the Resident may be away overnight, e.g. on holiday or in hospital.

Means Tested Care Fee

The Means Tested Care Fee is an ongoing fee that the Resident may pay towards the cost of their personal (e.g. bathing, dressing or grooming) and clinical (e.g. specialised nursing and medication assistance) care.  The Federal Government decides whether the individual has the financial means to contribute towards their care costs, which could be up to $378.19 per day.  The Resident will be advised of any Means Tested Care Fees by the Federal Government upon initial calculation and following periodic reviews.  Roseneath will then charge these Means Tested Care Fees on a fortnightly basis.

Note that there are annual and lifetime caps on Means Tested Care Fees (also indexed in March and September each year).  The maximum an aged care home can currently charge is $33,309.29 per year, or $79,942.44 in a lifetime.

Accomodation Fee

In addition to Basic Daily and Care Fees the Resident may also be required to pay an Accommodation Fee.  The Accommodation Fee depends on the type of bedroom chosen (e.g. size and ensuite) and is based upon an individual’s assets and income determined by Services Australia upon completing a means test.  Based on the outcome of the means test, a Resident may be required to pay none, a proportion, or all of the Accommodation Fee.  The Resident is required to pay the full Accommodation Fee until the outcome of the means test is determined, and Roseneath may require a security deposit during this period.

To allow for flexibility there are four ways in which the Accommodation Fee can be paid:

  1. Daily Accommodation Payment
  2. Refundable Accommodation Deposit
  3. Combination Payment
  4. Drawdown Payment

Prices below based on  room.

Option 1

Daily Accommodation Payment or “DAP”

$0.00 per day

for a Choose room

Instead of paying for accommodation as a lump sum the Resident can chose to pay a daily fee.  The amount payable is based on a daily rate, based on the bedroom type and as agreed with Roseneath, in line with the current MPIR (Maximum Permissible Interest Rate).


Option 2

Refundable Accommodation Deposit or “RAD”


for a Choose room

This option is a lump sum accommodation payment.  The balance of the deposit is refunded when the Resident leaves Roseneath, less any amounts that have been deducted by agreement to meet other fees.


Option 3

Combination Payment

Use this tool to calculate your desired combination payment. Entering an amount will automatically calculate the second amount.

Daily Accommodation Payment

$  per day


Refundable Accommodation Deposit

$  lump sum

This involves part Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) and part Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP), with the part RAD being refunded when the Resident leaves Roseneath.


Option 4

Drawdown Payment

This option is similar to the combination option but the DAP component is taken from the RAD, with the balance of the RAD refunded when the Resident leaves Roseneath.

Note these above Accommodation prices are accurate as at 1 April, 2024 but are subject to change.  Final costs are confirmed on the date of admission (subject to receiving the assets and income assessment from Centrelink if a means test has been undertaken).

More information on how aged care fees are determined can be found at

Do you have concerns about affordability of accommodation fees?

Ask us about government funded accommodation options.

Do you have concerns about affordability of accommodation fees?

Ask us about government funded accommodation options.

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