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Activities Program

At Roseneath we offer our Residents an active lifestyle program that includes an array of exercise sessions, sporting events, community endeavours, bus excursions, outdoor and lifestyle activities, and much more.  We encourage our Residents to get involved in daily activities and events that interest them, helping to strengthen a sense of community and provide ample opportunities to make new friends. 

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Palliative Care

Palliative care is a specialised approach to easing pain for people with serious or life threatening illnesses. 

Our care is focused on providing relief from the symptoms and stress by improving the quality of life for our Residents who are palliating.  A palliative care approach to care can last for years, relieving pain at every point from diagnosis onwards. 

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Dementia Care

We host a range of therapeutic activities across our Home designed to enrich the lives of Residents living with dementia, who are not confined to a separate secured area.  

The activities we offer are based on Residents’ interests and hobbies, and encourage independence, while helping to maintain social connections and overall wellbeing. 

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Our podiatrist team is committed to improving the quality of life for Residents by keeping them mobile, active and “on their feet”. 

Our foot care professionals are trained to diagnose, prevent, treat and rehabilitate problems with the lower limbs and feet.  With their help, many issues can be successfully treated to reduce discomfort without medical intervention. 

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Our full time Physiotherapist applies their diagnostic skills and clinical reasoning to deliver the best treatments for our Residents, helping to improve mobility and physical independence.  Treatments including rehabilitation, pain management, manual therapies and exercise classes.  These programs are tailored to Residents’ individual needs, helping to mitigate the risk of falls, optimise strength, mobility and physical independence, and provide pain management relief where appropriate. 

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Respite Care

Respite care offers families peace of mind and welcome short-term support when caring for a loved one at home.  It can allow a caregiver to recharge the batteries and have a break from their normal, everyday routine. 

Respite Residents have care around the clock, the opportunity to participate in activities that take place in the Home, and enjoy freshly cooked meals.  Respite Residents live alongside all of the permanent Residents in our Home, which helps to foster connections and ensure that they feel part of our community. 

Dietician Approved Meals

Eating a balanced diet and regular meals is an important part of both our Residents’ physical and emotional wellbeing Residents at Roseneath enjoy three delicious hot meals each day, with all food freshly prepared on site.  Menus are regularly revised in line with available seasonal produce and approved by a dietician. 

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Residents are able to take advantage of our hairdressing salon.  Our friendly onsite hairdressers understand what is important to the individual and deliver a high quality and convenient service to ensure Residents can always look their best. 

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